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Suggestions for a newer PC?

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    That should be capable of running most modern games on pretty high settings at 1080p. The GTX 1060's only been out ~ a year, and replacing a £250+ GPU after 12 months when it's still very good is probably not the best bang for buck. Unless your favourite games are ones that really benefit from better CPU performance / more threads or cores, or faster DDR4 RAM, and you're willing to sink a lot of cash into a system just for them, you may well be better off sticking with what you've got for the time being. The forums belong to PC Specialist who build and sell custom PCs and laptops, so users aren't meant to give detailed advice on non-PC Specialist systems or selfbuild/upgrade projects. However, the above advice is what I've already said to people with PCS systems on these forums asking similar questions to yours. As and when you do find yourself in the market for a new PC down the road, if you are considering a spec from PCS then post up your budget and needs on the forums and people can suggest some options.

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